This is the special issue of the journal Communications in Kinesiology highlighting articles which meet the editorial standards for high rigor, reproducibility, and transparency.

Published: 2021-12-02

The Nature of Our Literature

A Registered Report on the Positive Result Rate and Reporting Practices in Kinesiology

Rosie Twomey, Vanessa R. Yingling, Joe P. Warne, Christoph Schneider, Christopher McCrum, Whitley C. Atkins, Jennifer Murphy, Claudia Romero Medina, Sena Harlley, Aaron R. Caldwell

Physical Activity in Adults With Fatigue After Cancer Treatment

A Systematic Review Of Randomized Trials With Fatigue as an Eligibility Criterion

Rosie Twomey, Samuel Yeung, James G. Wrightson, Lillian Sung, Paula D. Robinson, Guillaume Y. Millet, S. Nicole Culos-Reed