Editorial Team
Managing Editors:

· Zachary Zenko, Ph.D.
· James Steele, Ph.D.

The two Managing Editors have been appointed on behalf of the eight Section Editors to manage the journal. In addition to their roles as Section Editors, Managing Editors make decisions about the day-to-day operations of the journal, including (but not limited to) decisions about instructions to authors, instructions to reviewers, correspondence letters, special issues, and website descriptions.

Section Editors:

· Biomechanics (Editor: Sjoerd M. Bruijn, Ph.D.)   

· Coaching and Sports Pedagogy (Editor: John P. Mills, Ph.D.)

· Exercise and Sport Psychology (Editor: Zachary Zenko, Ph.D.)

· Physical Activity, Health, and Disease (Editor: James Steele, Ph.D.)

· Physiology and Nutrition (Editor: Ian M. Lahart, Ph.D.)

· Sensorimotor Control (Editor: Matthieu P. Boisgontier, Ph.D.)

· Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Editor: Vanessa R. Yingling, Ph.D.)

· Training and Performance Analysis (Editor: Franco M. Impellizzeri, Ph.D.)

With the assistance and input of Co-Editors and Reviewers, Section Editors make decisions about the manuscripts submitted to the sections they are in charge of.

Steering Board:

· Andreas Kreutzer. 

· Aaron R. Caldwell.

· Andrew Vigotsky.

The Publication Committee Chair is elected for a period of one year and may reapply for a maximum of three terms. Publication Committee members are appointed by the Chair and approved by the Executive Committee of the Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology. Managing Editors, Section Editors, and Co-Editors are appointed for renewable two-year terms and may serve a maximum of three terms. Where possible within the final term of service, Managing Editors will be supported by current Section Editors to support succession planning and transition.