Reports in Sport and Exercise

Reports in Sport and Exercise (RiSE)

Reports in Sport and Exercise aims to highlight the most reproducible and methodologically rigorous research in Sport and Exercise. Novelty, anticipated impact, and surprise of research results will never be criteria for publication. Acceptance decisions will not be made based on the study outcomes and we welcome investigations with null results. Reports in Sport and Exercise is designed to improve standard, reduce publication bias, and eradicate the file-drawer problem. 

Article Types

Reports in Sport and Exercise accepts Original Investigations, Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analyses, Scoping Reviews, and Replications. 

Publication Fees

Reports in Sport and Exercise is a Diamond Open Access Journal. We do not charge fees to publish or access the manuscripts submitted to this site. Instead of charging prohibitive fees and creating barriers to knowledge, we rely on the goodwill of members from the Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology to operate. If you are submitting to or reading an article on this site, please consider joining the society or making a donation

Indexing and Archiving

Reports in Sport and Exercise issues each submission with a DOI and provides longterm storage of articles through Portico. Indexing is completed via CrossRef and we plan to submit to PubMed/Europe PMC once established, as per their requirements. Should you require us to provide additional indexing, please let us know. We are a society owned and operated journal and take your feedback on board. 

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