Registered Reports in Kinesiology

Registered Reports in Kinesiology welcomes investigations with null results and is designed to reduce publication bias and the file-drawer problem. Registered Reports in Kinesiology aims to highlight the most reproducible and methodologically rigorous research in Kinesiology; as such, novelty, anticipated impact, and surprise of research results will never be criteria for publication. Acceptance decisions will not be made based on the study outcomes.

Article Types

Registered Reports in Kinesiology accepts Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analyses, Scoping Reviews, Original Investigations, and Replications. All submissions must follow a registered report format.

Publication Fees

Article processing charges are minimal, and used for basic operating costs (e.g., domain name registration, hosting, digital object identifiers, plagiarism checks, etc.). Although the society typically requests a small article processing charge to cover expenses, we have waived these fees for 2020. If you would like to support the journal, we encourage you to join STORK at

Indexing and Archiving
Registered Reports in Kinesiology issues DOIs through the University of Essex. We also invest in longterm archiving of all submissions through the CLOCKSS archival system. Lastly, indexing is completed via CrossRef. We plan to submit to PubMed/Europe PMC once established, as per their requirements. Should you require us to provide additional indexing, please let us know. We are a society owned and operated journal! We aim to do much more and need your support to make this possible.

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