• Communications in Kinesiology

    Communications in Kinesiology (CiK) is the flagship journal for the  Society of Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology (STORK). CiK accepts submissions from across the discipline of kinesiology, including biomechanics; coaching and sports pedagogy; exercise and sport psychology; physical activity, health, and disease; physiology and nutrition; sensorimotor control; sports medicine and rehabilitation; and training, testing, and performance analysis.

    Acceptance decisions will not be made based on a study's outcomes. Instead, emphasis is placed on full reporting, transparency, disclosure, and data sharing  CiK accepts experimental research, observational research, methodological tutorials, opinions, and narrative & critical reviews. Observational and experimental research may be original or a replication. Systematic and scoping reviews, and accompanying meta-analyses, are now accepted at CiK if protocols are registered a priori. However, we strongly encourage authors to submit these types of artcles to our special issue "Reports in Sport and Exercise" (RiSE) as a registered report.

  • Reports in Sport and Exercise

    Reports in Sport and Exercise (RiSE) accepts submissions from across the broad fields of Sport and Exercise (a.k.a. Kinesiology, movement science). RiSE aims to highlight the most reproducible and methodologically rigorous research in our fields. Novelty, anticipated impact, and surprise of research results will never be criteria for publication.

    Submissions to RiSE follow two routes: (1) registered reports, and (2) pre-registration. For registered reports, the introduction and methods are reviewed first, before data are collected. For pre-registered submissions, a supporting document should accompany your submission with a timestamp dating when the work was preregistered, how your sample size was calculated, your smallest effect size of interest (if appropriate), and how you have controlled for bias. Please note, that simply including a preregistration form without the required detail or suitable justifications may result in the submission being rejected from RiSE.

    The journal also welcomes investigations with null results and is designed to reduce publication bias and the file-drawer problem. Acceptance decisions will not be made based on the study outcomes.

    Submissions that involve the study of physical activity, in the broadest sense, are welcome. These submissions may fall into several journal sections, including: Biomechanics, Coaching and Sports Pedagogy, Exercise and Sport Psychology, Physical Activity, Health, and Disease, Physiology and Nutrition, Sensorimotor Control, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Training, Testing, and Performance Analysis. If you are unsure if your manuscript fits, please reach out to the editorial team.