About the Journal

Journal Values

Open Access

Reports in Sport and Exercise (RiSE) values open access and the ability to share research widely and freely. Reports in Sport and Exercise does not wish to create barriers to knowledge and exclude readers with fewer resources. 

We are a Diamond Open Access Journal and are maintained by the goodwill of members. You can help keep the journal functioning by donating (one-time or ongoing) at http://storkinesiology.org/. The society is grateful for your contributions.


Reports in Sport and Exercise values mentoring and growth. Early career researchers are encouraged to apply to be Co-Section Editors. 


Like the Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology (STORK), Reports in Sport and Exercise values transparency and openness. Each year, metadata about the journal will be reported on the society’s website (http://storkinesiology.org/). This metadata will include journal acceptance rates, the total number of submissions, mean and median peer-review duration, acceptance rates by gender, acceptance rates by academic rank, and acceptance rates by location.

Reports in Sport and Exercise also facilitates the ability for peers and the public to ask questions about and comment on the research published in the journal. 


Submissions to Reports in Sport and Exercise are archived through Portico.